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Valton-Sec Kft. was founded in 1994; however, taking its predecessors Showsec Bt. and Valton Bt. into account, it has been offering personal and property security services for more than 20 years. Our services include a wide spectrum of security and safeguarding services, from area and building protection to securing events that attract crowds of tens of thousands of people; but what all these activities have in common is our focus on adjusting to our client’s needs.

Our main scope of activities is providing specialist security services for cultural events and the representatives of both the printed and electronic media, and the guarding of the high value equipment and assets held within the area of the event. In the past five years an increasing proportion of our assignments were companies’ promotional, mostly free-of-charge events.

We are happy to take on any additional tasks that match our profile. The fact that we work in tight cooperation with our clients enables us to better understand their specific needs and offer the potential additional services required, such as recognising opportunities, choosing venues, consultation in case of special requirements, and the transportation of VIPs.
We perform our duties in accordance with the provisions of Act IV. of 1998, which entered into force on 27 May 1998. We also hold the liability insurance prescribed by law. On top of that, we take moral and financial responsibility for providing high standard services.

This is guaranteed by the complex competence tests that precedes employment, and ongoing training.

The experience gained through our long term successful operation, and the testimonies of our satisfied clients, serve as a guarantee that new assignments will be completed to the highest standards.